The work is made up of 18 individual text ‘pollen paintings’, each painstakingly produced with pen and pollen ink.  They catalogue key phrases from the report that resonated with me, combined with phrases exploring personal narratives and explorations of navigating life holding the sort of knowledge contained within the report. 

I've been making works with Pollen for nearly 10 years. The subjects I paint explore the individuals, machines and landscapes that have developed and drive industrial agriculture, whilst also exploring the personal narratives and cognitive dissonance needed to navigate food choice today.


Read the full report that inspired the work here

Humanity faces a deepening ‘land crunch’ in the coming decades, as on current trends the demand for land for farming, climate change mitigation and other essential uses will increasingly exceed the availability of appropriate land. Intensifying competition for land will make international cooperation on solutions more important, but also more elusive.


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