Flavours of FFS

Flavours of FFS

A sensory experience of the multifaceted challenges facing our global food systems due to climate, intensive agriculture and commercial and consumer pressures. 

We seem to face a never ending stream of crises, which when taken together are almost impossible to digest. Views on these many faceted problems are often polarising or sometimes just too big or complex to talk about or comprehend. 

What is clear is that our global agricultural system contributes just under 30% of all climate emissions. Whilst locally the wildly fluctuating climate is affecting food production and supply dramatically . 

The food system is increasingly controlled by a small number of ever more powerful commercial interests with a handful of companies controlling the majority of agricultural inputs and another handful controlling the market distribution. 

Globally we have more food than we need but it is not distributed evenly, leading to malnutrition at both ends of the spectrum. Our soils are degrading and we use disproportionate amounts of farmland for livestock production to feed growing demand despite its huge calorie and protein inefficiency and negative environmental and health impacts.

The food system is failing. Let’s start talking about it FFS. 

Taste the flavours of complexity.

Smell system failure.

Images by JMA Photography 
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