Info graph ic

Info graph ic

After spending years contemplating this graph based on research by Joseph Poore - I spent time in the studio making this beautiful print. The work tells the story of incredible misuse of land by humans in our growing demand for meat.

77% of global agricultural land is used for Livestock production - thats 30% of the land surface of the planet. And yet meat & dairy only provides 18% of global calorie supply and 37% of global protein supply. Whilst Crops take up 23% of agricultural land and provide 82% of global calories and 63% of global protein supply.

Land Calorie Protein was selected for the 2022 Royal Academy Summer Show - which was a treat! 

I'm now working on new editions in the collection including this latest work Yo Soy, shown below in the A4 version of the print. More coming soon...

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