Leeds Sauce

Leeds Sauce

In 2022, Popeye Collective (me, Kiran Gill and Eddie Blake) created Leeds Sauce.  

Leeds sauce is a rhubarb ketchup with ingredients that attempt to put the flavours of Leeds into a condiment. Throughout 2022 we have worked with different communities across Leeds to gather ingredients.

Commissioned for Leeds Compass Festival, we created an exhibition in the historic Kirkgate Market - right next to the original Marks & Spencers.

The recipe is made up of waste forced rhubarb collected with Bramley Elderley Action in Pudsey, sugar infused with white rose petals picked with primary school kids in Headingley and vinegar made with beer from every pub on the Otley Run. It is infused with ginger inspired by an archeological dig on the site of the Tetleyʼs Brewery and the salt is collected from communities around the city.

Weʼve worked with local food experts, chefs and farmers to help refine the recipe and flavouring of this first batch. During the exhibition we continued to collect feedback from the people of Leeds on what their flavour of Leeds is? 

The sauce is strange, nuanced and delicious and importantly helps put Vegetables at the centre of your plate!


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