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Minus Pollinators

Minus Pollinators

The Minus Pollinators project, created in collaboration with Max Fraser was commissioned Karishma Rafferty for Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Food Forever summer festival.

The installation / performance proposes a dystopian near future when we’ve experienced catastrophic insect pollinator decline. The project manifests as a mobile drinks kiosk where all of the familiar items that require pollinators have been crossed off, including coffee, most teas, chocolate, fruit juices etc.

The mobile drinks kiosk acts as an exhibition display, with artworks painted in pollen by me and a take-away pamphlet written by Max, detailing the importance of insect pollinators for our collective future on this planet.

All of our facts were verified by Prof. Jeff Ollerton, ecological scientist and author and Prof. Phil Stevenson, Head of Biological Chemistry at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

We also toured to Groundswell Regenerative Agriculture Show and Conference in June 2022, the most significant gathering of its kind in the UK.






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