Morris-anuary is back for its third year! ⁠

Each spring whilst growing my hair and beard for three months I totally immerse myself in William and May Morris’s life and work - attempting to ‘become’ Morris, making new works which are shared to celebrate the Morris’s Birthdays on the 24/25th March.

This year I will use my 3 month Morris-anuary vigil to look at how art and culture can support environmental and social change through the lens of Morris.  We'll celebrate nature, unpick human progress and explore 'ecosocialism'.


I have always admired and associated with William Morris (or Topsy to his friends). Like him I am an artist, designer and maker, a social entrepreneur and a privileged (and sometimes compromised) socialist. I went to Forest School in Walthamstow, attending Chapel under Morris’s stained Glass - the same school that Morris’s Brothers attended, whilst William himself was privately tutored by the headmaster of Forest School. I have two daughters like Topsy - and my youngest daughter Nancy has Morris & Co curtains in her bedroom - so many connections!

I’ll be sharing more on Morris-anuary in the coming weeks - it would be great to hear your thoughts on the life and work of the brilliant and conflicted William Morris and his extraordinary daughter May Morris.



The first two Morris-anuarys have been situated in a time of global pandemic. With my inaugural performance cancelled as the UK went into lockdown the day before (on 23rd March). A year later the works I made for Morris-anuary 2021, largely created during a third national lockdown, focus on Family, Craft and Systemic Change through the guiding lights that are William and May Morris.