Pickle & Grind

Pickle & Grind 

2020, Film (2:17min)

16:9 - size variable


Pickle & Grind is an artwork in the form of a public condiment making factory. Filling the streets with the intoxicating smells of spice and drawing people in to participate.

Through the joy of collective cooking and the smells and sounds of condiment making, we start new conversations about plant-based food systems.  Condiments and spice mixes can be the perfect warm up to thinking about vegetables as the main part of your meal, rather than just a side.

In October 2019 Popeye Collective ‘performed’ Pickle & Grind in Trafalgar Square. Renowned London chefs Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich of Honey & Co, developed a fragrant spice mix and a complimentary Plant-based recipe especially for Popeye Collective.

Over the smells, sounds and repetitive grinding, we create space for unexpected connections and sharing of stories - enabling honest reflection and open dialogue.
The collective cooking created an edition of 300 ‘wraps’ of spice mix that enables anyone to cook affordable, delicious and easy Plant-based food at home. The folded packaging is printed with the recipe and narrative from Popeye Collective and Honey &Co.

These editions were proudly taken away by participants and handed out to interested passer-by during the day. They are also designed to go directly in the post to reach people post-event. Starting conversations and helping people think differently in their own spaces away from the live event of Pickle & Grind.

Popeye Collective are developing Pickle & Grind to work in different locations and contexts - starting conversations with local communities and rooted plant-based recipies.