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Parakeet & Bramble 2.0 - Sampler 03

Parakeet & Bramble 2.0 - Sampler 03

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Parakeet & Bramble 2.0 - Sampler 03

Digital embroidery, wool and linen

318x256 mm Framed (walnut, cherry, ash and oak)

These works available are samplers from the development process of my Parakeet & Bramble 2.0 embroidery - framed beautifully with four different woods (walnut, cherry, ash and oak) for each side of the frame, bringing a richness and arts and craft tactility back to the works.

I made the Parakeet & Bramble pattern during lockdown as part of my second Morris-anuary - where I spend the first three months of each year focussed on William Morris and his daughter May Morris. Together with my mum and my children we hand embroidered the pattern. Then last year I made a digitally embroidered version, which allowed me to 'weave' the hand of May Morris back into the embroidery alongside our own stitches. 


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